Our History Department


Our History Department

The successful applicant will be joining a thriving and developing department.

There are at present two full time members, and one part time member of staff within the department, and we are looking to appoint someone who can make a positive contribution to our curriculum development. In September

2011 over 60% of the current year 9 students will study for the English

Baccalaureate in year 10. This will inevitably lead to further expansion and development within the department.

The department has excellent facilities. We currently have four teaching rooms; all are equipped with a projector or an Interactive Smart Board. We also have use of a Humanities ICT room equipped with 15 computers for student use.

The History department is at the forefront of the college in offering enrichment activities. We currently offer a 4 day residential trip to Berlin for GCSE students, as well as the opportunities to visit World War One battlefields in

France and Belgium, and the Imperial War Museum in London.

Years 7, 8 and 9 follow in-house schemes of work, which adhere to the

National Curriculum. These schemes are reviewed and updated annually to improve the student experience. Our schemes of work currently take a chronological approach to History, beginning with the Middle Ages in year 7 through to the Twentieth century in year 9. Whilst learning about the different topics in each year, we also maintain a focus on the skills needed to evaluate sources, and we also involve many active learning strategies and ICT tasks in our lessons.

At GCSE, students study the OCR Modern World History course. We currently teach modules on Germany 1918-1945, International Relations

1948-2005, Britain 1890-1918 and South Africa 1948-1994. All schemes of work are set up to allow the teacher flexibility to use a variety of teaching and learning methods in order to meet the needs of different learners.

At sixth form level, the department offers an AS and A2 course from the AQA exam board. The course is wide-ranging, offering a selection of modern and early European history. In year 12, students study The USA and Vietnam

1961-1975 and The European Reformation 1500-1564, and in year 13 students study a module on Japan, China and the West 1853-1970, and The

Triumph of Elizabeth: Britain 1547-1603.