Reading Schemes KS1

Reading Schemes in KS1
At Castle View the children read books from a range of reading schemes to ensure that the children
are being supported to read a variety of books which are both fiction and non-fiction texts. The
children read individual books, in guided reading groups and also take books home to read from the
classroom and from the school library.
The schemes we use for individual reading are:
Rigby Star
Oxford Reading Tree
Big Cat Collins.
Oxford Literacy Web
These schemes are then mixed together so that children who are working within the different book
bands will read books from all of these schemes and therefore benefit from a rich variety of stories
and texts.
Guided Reading Books.
The guided reading books are placed in book bands and are also linked to the phase the children are
working on in their phonics sessions. We also select these books based on the children developing
their understanding of stories and texts. The children will respond to the texts they have read by
answering a range of questions which will support the children to understand the story and develop
inference and deduction skills when reading.
The schemes of books which we read are:
Big Cat Collins
PM Library
PM Library starters.
Literacy Links
These guided reading books are also from mixed reading schemes as we feel this offers the children
a greater variety of text styles to read.