Efficient Authentication and Key Management Mechanisms for Smart

Efficient Authentication and Key
Management Mechanisms for Smart Grid
we propose an efficient key management protocol based on our enhanced
identity-based cryptography for secure SG communications using the public key
infrastructure. Secure key distribution schemes for group communications allow to
establish a secure multi cast communication between a group manager and group
members through an unreliable broadcast channel. Our proposed mechanisms are
capable of preventing various attacks while reducing the management overhead. The
improved efficiency for key management is realized by periodically refreshing all
public private key pairs as well as any multicast keys in all the nodes using only one
newly generated function broadcasted by the key generator entity.The article
classifies, analyzes and compares the most significant key distribution schemes, by
looking at the selective key distribution algorithms, at the predistributed secret data
management, and at the self-healing mechanisms. It reviews polynomial-based
algorithms, exponential arithmetic based algorithms, hash-based techniques, and
others. Propose classification of schemes based on the applied cryptographic
primitives. Self-healing group key distribution schemes can be used in various
network scenarios, thus, to make their analysis and comparison easier, we introduce
an abstract model of the network in which these schemes are applicable. We
identified three elements, or building blocks, of self healing key distribution scheme
which can be used to classify and compare the existing solutions
Existing System:
Insecure mechanisms provided in the existing network.
Almost none of the schemes is suitable for large scale WSN in real- world
Existing solutions usually present some trade-off between scheme
performance and security level.
Identifies basic building blocks of the scheme and describes in details all major
types of existing solutions.
It also contains a thorough security and efficiency analysis of each solution,
and points out issues not identified.
Proposed System:
1) Functionality of the scheme is decomposed into three separate aspects, namely:
selective key distribution mechanism, predistributed secret data management
and self-healing mechanism, which are used to classify and compare schemes.
2) Self-healing group key distribution schemes can be used in multi-cast
networks with smart grid systems, which are established over a networksl,
such as machine-to-machine systems, cellular networks and wireless
3) Communications security is achieved by message encryption and
authentication using shared symmetric secret group key.
4) A prospective group key distribution scheme should satisfy the following
• The scheme should prevent adversaries or unauthorized user nodes, which
are not in G, from learning the group key.
• Key distribution scheme has to provide fresh keys.
Software Requirements:
: JAVA(JDK 1.6)
Front End
: JAVA Swing
Back End
: Net Beans 6.9
Operating System
: Microsoft Windows XP
Hardware Requirements:
: Pentium IV Processor
: 512 MB
Hard Disk
: 10GB