Present: Jon James (JJ), Eileen McLeod (EM), Ann Burness (AB), Barbara Grant
(BG), Rod Franklin (RF), Vimal Shah (VS), Dr Gareth Stoddard (GS)
Julie and Sam from the Practice
Anne James (minuting secretary only)
Stan Witton, Angeline Hayles-Henderson, Andrea Fray, Jackie Seagar, Laura
JJ gave a reminder that Panel members should, where possible, send apologies
otherwise we have to wait because security involves the door downstairs being
Approval of the Minutes from the last meeting (18.04.12)
Done on-line and agreed at the meeting
Matters Arising
In the last two meetings it has been agreed that minutes will be put on the website.
GS has been ill so, thus far, this has not been actioned.
Patient survey report: hopefully the panel can look at these. JJ had looked at the
summary on the website. VS asked if this was sent out with the minutes, but JJ
explained that this was available on the website and was well worth looking at.
He also explained how the Patient Survey (PS) had worked, and suggested that
the Panel should have a look at the website every few weeks to keep updated.
GS also explained how the PS had been set up.
EM suggested that the PS had reflected very well on the Practice in terms of the
initiative undertaken, which was useful for new patients and the fact that replies
were measured, thoughtful and positive.
JJ asked how often the PS would be carried out
GS stated that it was hoped to do this yearly, and that some questions should be
kept the same in order to provide some sort of a benchmark
150 were signed up to the newsletter; there were only 62 responses last time; GS
hopes more will see it in the future.
JJ asked about the new build: at the moment this is going round in circles:
negotiations are on-going; they are waiting for a Tesco board meeting in June.
Treasurer’s Report
Nothing to report (RF)
Report from GP Practice meeting
Dr Bentick has been well received. The replacement for Dr Birchall is being
Display materials in waiting area. EM
Two things to bring to the panel’s attention:
EM was concerned about the posters about domestic violence, and felt they
should be more prominently displayed, especially in terms of contact numbers,
which were hard to get hold of.
There are posters about this in the surgery: Julie said that they would check where
the posters are put up.
GS stated that hundreds of posters could be displayed; the Practice was therefore
selective about them, and in fact few patients tend to look at them while in the
waiting area.
On the website is a good summary of the range of appointment arrangements; not
all patients will look at the website. She wondered if this info could be available
in A5 format, and placed on the counter at reception.
GS said a new practice leaflet would be published in August and this information
will be included. Agreed they would consider doing an appt guide for reception.
A patient had also asked EM about providing information in languages other than
GS said that the website is translatable, as all websites are.
AB said lots of info was printed at the council in different languages, but lots did
not want them, so this was a huge waste of money.
GS said few access services without a family member, and a translator is very
rarely needed.
VS said for many who cannot speak English, the written language is not the same
as the spoken language, and that often they were not literate. We would be
making a gesture that was not much practical help. He thought that the most
important factor was that they could communicate effectively with the Dr.
EM asked if we know the ethnic profile. This is in the Patient Survey Report, but
even though we know the ethnicity, this might not help us as they might still be
fluent in English.
The conclusion was that there was no real need to translate the info into different
Recent research claims 16% of prescriptions are wrong. Discuss. VS
VS stated that The Times had published research by the GMC suggesting this
GS explained what was in place to check any errors for this Practice, on a number
of levels ie
o a rigorous system of reviews
o Good relationships with local pharmacies who would check with the
Practice if they had questions about prescribing
o Two Pharmacists work in-house who provide more complicated reviews.
o PCT Pharmacist looks at some of the prescribing as well
The Patient Panel felt that these systems were more than adequate.
In response to further queries from VS, GS said that there was no spot check,
because the Practice was happy with the current system and with the accuracy of
There was some discussion that appts should be 15 minutes rather than 10 (one of
the areas identified by the GMC which might lead to problems), and VS
wondered if it might be worth looking at this.
GS said that though appts were 10 minutes, breaks were built in and if appts
overrun over then the breaks will be less. He pointed out that it was difficult to
plan without triage!
EM wondered what might happen if the Tesco development falls through, but
there are no alternative sites available at the moment.
Date and time of next meeting
Wednesday 29th August 2012
Meeting finished at 7.50pm