ASCRC Minutes 10/30/12 - University of Montana

ASCRC Minutes 10/30/12
GBB 225, 2:10 p.m.
Members Present: B. Borrie, W. Davies, J. Deboer, G. Coon, L. Gillison, N. Greymorning, M. Grimes,
C. Henderson, D. Stolle, T. Thibeau,
Members Absent/ Excused: E. Johnson, B. Simpson, D. Simpson, N. Vonessen
Ex-Officio Present: B. Holzworth, S. O’Hare, J. Zink
Chair Borrie called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.
The minutes from 10/16/12 were approved.
Communication items:
Members were copied on the ”T” credits memo from the Provost. It indicates that the “T”
designation has been removed from technical courses, allowing transfer of all such courses
within the Montana University System. Thus, all credits obtained by students at Missoula
College must be transferred minimally as free electives. In light of this, ASCRC will
address two issues. Firstly, it was decided to proceed with consideration of the curriculum
revisions in Applied Computing & Electronics(8 formerly “T” designated courses). The
committee agreed that the Science Subcommittee should ask for syllabi for the electronics
courses, and will review these courses using the usual criteria for evaluating changes to the
Secondly, the committee will need to consider the broader issue of transfer of credits from
two-year colleges to the University of Montana-Missoula. A workgroup was formed to
study the issue, its broader implications for the undergraduate academic standards and
curriculum of the University, and bring forward some recommendations to the committee. .
Members include Professor Henderson, Vonessen, DeBoer and Interim Associate Provost
Hinman. Student member Coon will contact ASUM to find a student member to serve as
Advisors and admissions evaluations are now somewhat confused given the past limit on
technical courses counting towards a baccalaureate degree. The current catalog indicates that
10 credits of technical courses may be counted by petition:
Business Items:
The Business and Journalism curriculum items appended below were approved.
Subcommittee Chair Tangedahl asked for guidance regarding several program modifications
in Business Technology. The changes include experimental course numbers in the program
requirements (x91 Special Topics/Experimental Courses). ASCRC agreed that programs
should not require experimental courses and that syllabi are to be provided for evaluation of
all new courses required in a curriculum change. Other courses, such as those in Carpentry,
needs to reference the common course matrix to propose course numbers that are not in use.
The subcommittee had a mixed vote regarding the Advocate Leadership Seminar and will
continue to discuss.
The Science and Math curriculum items appended below were approved. Several of the
courses are pending full review by the subcommittee. There is concern that some course
descriptions contain prerequisites that are not enforceable since they do not adhere to
programing logic. In these cases the Registrar’s Office will need to contact departments for
The Education and Fine Arts curriculum items appended below were approved. Clarification
or follow-up is pending for several courses. Consideration of courses from HHP, Media
Arts, Music, and Theatre & Dance is held over to the next meeting.
The draft letter informing departments that all course restrictions must be listed in the catalog
was approved and will be sent out tomorrow.
There is a need for a prerequisite guide document to define and explain enforceable use of
pre-requisites, co-requisites, and concurrency. It was suggested that Allan Mozingo, the
temporary Project Manager for the Prerequisite Implementation, assist the Registrar’s Office
in creating the guide. The guide should have examples of the enforceability and impact of
various prerequisites listings. It appears there are 12- 18 departments that might need to
revise prerequisites for timely inclusion in the 2013/14 catalog and would need a spring
review by ASCRC. It was agreed that a similar review of pre-requisite changes as occurred
in Spring 2012 would be made available to departments and programs.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:00.
Business and Journalism Curriculum Consent Agenda
CSTN 102
Concrete Carpentry
delete course
JOUR 250
Introduction to the Web and Digital
Delete course
JRNL 331
Intermediate Web and Digital
New course
Changes for CCN, require a
“capstone” course
JRNL 482
Advanced Video Storytelling
SOBA - Marketing & Management
Change number and level
BMGT 485
Seminar in Contemporary
International Issues
delete course
Level I
new certificate
digital marketing
BGEN 200
Business Communication
new course
BMKT 466
Online and Social Media Marketing
new course
Entertainment Management
CCN & elective changes,
add grade requirement
Marketing Major
revise basket of electives
Entrepreneur Certificate
Update curriculum
BMGT 426
Strategic Management
update prereqs to show
ccn numbers
Management Communication
update prereqs, change
catalog description
SOBA - Management Information Systems
MIS 448
Management Game
delete course
MIS 474
Quality Management Systems
delete course
MIS 475
Advance Technology Support
delete course
MIS 477
Multimedia Development of
delete course
MIS Major
remove deleted courses
from electives
Science and Math Curriculum Consent Agenda
Chemistry & Biochemistry
program modification
add a required course to BS option
Computer Science
CSCI 181 (CS)
Web design and Programming
Technology, Ethics, and Society
CSCI 332
Design/Analysis of Algorithms
Advanced Programming - Theory and
Practice I
Change prereqs
Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 460
Operating Systems
Change descr, learning
outcomes, prereqs
Change descr, prereqs
CSCI 473
add options and revise curriculum
Level 1
Change title from Electronic
Publishing on the World Wide
Web, change prereqs
Change title from Robots,
Genetic Engineering, and
Change descr, change prereqs
Change prereqs
split into professional an
interdisciplinary option,
reduce core courses and
increase elective choices
GPHY 314 (214)
Global Mountain Environments
Change course number
GPHY 381
Principles of Digital Cartography
Delete course number
GPHY 382
Digital Cartography Laboratory
Delete course number
Advanced Cartographic Design
New course
Program Modification
Minor in Mountain Studies
Modifying list of courses
program modification
BS & BA degrees
revise degree requirements
Level I
Discontinue the Interdisciplinary Option
GEO 105
course descr
GEO 225 (226)
Earth Materials
GEO 228
Earth Surface Processes
Change title from Rocks,
Minerals and Resources,
change course number,
prereqs, descr
Change prereqs
GEO 320
Global Water
course descr
GEO 327
course descr
GEO 436 UG
Near Surface Geophysics
GEO 439 UG
Magnetics in Tectonics, Structure, and
Change title from Subsurface
Imaging in Archaeology,
change descr
Change title from Applied
Magnetics, change prereqs
GEO 460 UG
Process Geomorphology
program modification
Option in Earth Science Education
program modification
Delete cognate science course from
program modification
revise course listings in minor
change prereqs, change
modify required courses
Education and Fine Arts Curriculum Consent Agenda
ARTZ 302
Elementary School Art
Change credits from 3 to 2
Communicative Sciences and Disorders
CSD 210
Speech and Language Development
Change Prerequisites
CSD 450 UG
Aural Rehabilitation
Change Prerequisites
Curriculum and Instruction
EDU 222
Educational Psychology and Child Development
new course
EDU 340
EDU 346
Classroom Management
new course
new course
EDU 395
Clinical Experience: L1 Learning and Instruction
new course
EDU 397
Methods: Teaching and Assessing K-4 Early
New course
program modification
secondary teacher licensure programs
remove prereq
(PSYX 100)
Level I
BITE - change program name to Business
Department Chairs and Academic Deans
Bill Borrie, Chair, Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee
November 1, 2012
Inclusion of course restrictions in the catalog course description
The following motion passed unanimously at the October Faculty Senate meeting
All restrictions such as degree majors only, class standing, or consent of instructors must be
included in the catalog.
Procedure 201.30.3 Editorial Catalog Changes will be revised to include the restrictions stated
above, which will allow the changes to be made in catalog copy sent to departments in February
to be effective fall 2013.
Enrollment limitations that fall under the definition of a “course restriction” include consent of
instructor, class standing, and degree major. The purpose of the resolution is to ensure that, well in
advance of registration, students have full knowledge of all restrictions placed on a course by an
academic department. The previous practice allowed departments to add and drop restrictions during
the semester schedule building process, whether or not those restrictions appeared in the course
Effective with the AY13/14 Catalog, course restrictions will no longer be enforced unless those
restrictions appear in the course description. Please review all of your department’s course
descriptions to verify that they include all restrictions currently enforced at the time of registration. For
those that do not, submit additions, modification or deletions directly to the Registrar’s Office for
inclusion in the AY13/14 catalog; the deadline for those submissions is February 28, 2013. If it has been
the practice to place a consent of instructor on selected sections, it is acceptable to include language to
the effect that “selected sections may require the consent of the instructor” in the course description.
Note: “Course restrictions” should not be confused with “course prerequisites”, “course co-requisites”
or “course enrollment with concurrency”, which all refer to specific course completion/enrollment or
placement results. Additions, modification, or deletions of course prerequisites will still require review
and approval of ASCRC and Faculty Senate.