ASCRC Minutes 10/21/14

ASCRC Minutes 10/21/14
GBB 225, 2:10 p.m.
Call to Order
Members Present: C. Chestnut, D. Coffin, J. Deboer, L. Eagleheart, L. Gillison, A. Lawrence, T.
Manuel, C. Meixner, T. Thibeau, E. Uchimoto, N. Vonessen, G.G. Weix
Ex-Officio Present: G. Bryant, J. Hickman, B. Hollzworth, J. Laine, N. Lindsay
Members Excused: B. Howard
Guest: L. Knapp
Minutes: The 10/7/14 minutes were amended and approved.
Loey Knap demonstrated the reports that are now available in InfoGriz from Degree
Builder. The first report is Course Change Impact. This shows where in Degree Builder
a course is listed. Programs found a lot of drift when entering courses into Degree
Builder. Thus when a change is made to the course all the programs listed will need to
be notified. The second report shows how many times courses are referenced in the
catalog. These references are not automatically changed. ASCRC will need to discuss
this with EIS in the future. The Registrar’s Office updates Degree Builder so would be
responsible for this not the programs. The next report lists type of degrees offered by
program. The last looks at degree specific credits. Programs did not count credits
consistently during the initial Degree Builder set up. ASCRC has created a guidelines
document that should remedy this.
Anyone wanting access to Info Griz will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to attend a
brief training. Chair DeBoer will take a closer look at the reports.
Business Items
ASCRC voted to allow review of late crosslisting courses from Climate Change Studies.
The CCS rubric was not transitioned into Common Course Numbering. In general the
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education did not include interdisciplinary rubrics
to be included in the main listing of courses. All the CCS courses except for the reserved
course numbers have courses in the department where the instructor resides.
It was clarified that only the parent course shows on the student’s transcript and the
sibling course is in the campus specific rubric (the old rubric prior to common course
numbering implementation). The sibling is just for registration purposes. The
crosslisting rubric will show in the course schedule drop down. Students will be able to
find the course by either the parent or sibling rubric.
The Social Science consent agenda appended below was approved. There was
discussion regarding ENST 427 and 437. These are Wintersession courses that involve
a travel abroad experience in Vietnam. There were questions regarding the number
(should be 493), the syllabus (one syllabus for two courses), and the contact hours (not
enough time to give 6 credits). There are also questions about GPHY 313 and 324
regarding contact time. These are courses taught by Northwest Connections and there
is concern regarding UM oversight. ASCRC is wondering why these type of courses can’t
be considered as transfer credit. GPHY 486 is requesting variable credit so will need to
be changed to a reserved course number in the 90s. The program modification in
Psychology is actually a level 1 and will require additional forms. BIOH 460 is in use
according to the CCN matrix, so Psychology will need to choose a different number.
SOCI 371 includes language in the description that it is crosslisted with WGS, but a
crosslisting form was not submitted. Subcommittee Chair Thibeau will follow-up with
the instructors.
Pending items:
BIOH 460
CNS Diseases
New course
ENST 427 U
ENST 437 U
GPHY 313
GPHY 324
GPHY 343
GPHY 486
SOCI 371 U
Social Issues: The Mekong Delta
Climate Change: Mekong Delta
Biogeography of NW Montana
Sustainability and Agriculture
Mountain Field Studies
New course (crosslist with RSCN & GEOG)
New course (crosslist with RSCN & GEOG)
New course
New course
New course
Transport, Planning & GIS
Change credits
Gender and Global Development
Change description, prereqs
Program Modification
Revisions to requirements
The Forestry & Biomedical Science consent agenda appended below was approved.
Several items still require review and follow-up. The subcommittee has requested several
changes to forestry courses syllabi. ENST 272 is taught at Bitterroot College, but it was
approved by the Forestry Department and Dean. This should also be approved by Missoula
The Dual Enrollment Workgroup is still working on drafts and will not meet until next week.
Associate Provost Nathan Lindsey provided an update on the Bitterroot College Proposals.
The proposals are part of the SWAMMIE multi-campus state-wide workforce development
grant and involves online course sharing. For the most part the courses will be taught at the
Flathead Community College, but the students will enroll through UM shadow courses. The
Flathead Instructors will apply for UM/Bitterroot College faculty associate status through the
Provost’s Office. Flathead Community College will receive the credit hours.
ASCRC is still unclear about how to review programs comprised primarily of courses
not in the UM catalog and how the articulation between the two campuses would
work. There is confusion with regard to whether the Bitterroot College is linked with
the Missoula College and whether notification is necessary. Chair DeBoer will meet
with the Provost regarding the issue. Consideration of the proposals was postponed
until these issues are clarified.
The meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.
Social Science Consent Agenda
ENST 420 U
EASL 250 U
EASL 251 U
EASL 450 U
EASL 451 U
BIOH 380 U
Anthropological Data Analysis
Change prereqs
Behavioral/Exper Econ
New course
Environmental Studies
US Environmental Movement
Change level
TEK of Native Peoples
New course
Applications of GIS
Change title (& remove co-req lab)
Interm Eng Acad Purpose I
Change description, prereqs, repeatability
Inter Eng Acad Purposes II
Change description, prereqs, repeatability
Adv Eng Acad Purposes I
Change description, prereqs
Adv Eng Acad Purposes II
Change description, prereqs
Political Science
Ancient & Medieval Pol Phil
Change prereqs
Molecular Neuroscience
New course
BIOH 460 U
SOCI 371 U
SW 472
WGSS 250 U
MSL 305 U
CNS Diseases
New course
Gender and Global Development
Change description, prereqs
Social Work
Relational Development
New Course
Woman and Gender Studies
Women’s Roles World
New course
Women, Men, and Sexuality
Change title
Media Representations
New course
Military Science
New course
Forms not in E-curr
COMX 347
Rhetoric, Nature, and
COMX 349
Communication, Consumption, and
GPHY 421
Sustainable Cities
Program Modification
Program Modification
Program Modification
Program Modification
EVST 379
EVST 379 & CCS 349
EVST 412 & CCS 421
adding methods course to major/Minor
Shift Math/Statistics from a Gen Ed IIIB to a
degree requirement
Add an elective to the Mountain Studies Minor
Forestry and Biomedical Consent Agenda
FORS 310 U
NRSM 281
CSD 365 U
CSD 345 U
Forest Resource Management
Forest Ecology Field Methods
New course
Science of Climate
Communicative Sciences & Disorders
Change description, learning
Acq. Speech & Lang Dis.
outcome, number, title
Change description, learning
Dev. Speech & Lng Dis
outcome, title
AHAT 342 U
AHAT 343 U
AHAT 324 U
AHAT 325 U
HTH 430 U
WILD 485 U
CCS 395 U
NRSM 344 U
Forest Management
Forest Rstrtn and Utilzn
New course
Health & Human Performance
Change description, learning
Ther Interv
outcome, title
Ther Interv Lab
Change description, title
Assess of Ext
Change description, prereqs, title
Assess of Ext Lab
Change description, prereqs, title
Hlth and Mind/Body/Spirit
Change level
Topics in Sports Medicine
Change credits, prereqs
Wildlife Biology
Aquatic Invert Ecol.
New course
Climate Change Studies
Climate Change Practicum
Change number
Wildlife Restoration
Restoration Ecology
Change description, level, number
Ecol. Restoration Capstone
Change description, number, prereqs