Stretch and Challenge: Debating Local and European Politics
Feel inspired to learn more after our debate on Britain’s role in the EU and ‘100 Ideas to Change
Leicester?’ Here are some ways to continue your learning…
* Join the St. Paul’s Debating Society. Speak to Mrs. Danaher or Mrs. Ward for more information.
* Watch the video ‘100 Ways to Change Britain’. What ideas would you want included in the policy
document? What would a policy document called ‘100 Ways to Change St. Paul’s’ look like? How
might something like this be created and implemented?
* Consider your answers to the key questions of the ‘100 Ideas to Change Leicester’ work:
Housing: How can we ensure fair access for Housing for all?
Democracy and citizenship: How can we bring people back to politics?
Immigration and cohesion: How can we create a fair and just society?
Health and wellbeing: How can we create the right balance between health and work?
Youth and employment: How can we ensure jobs and opportunities for all?
Discuss these questions with your teachers, family and friends.
* Find out more about the European Parliament.
* Read and follow the DMU Policies Exchanges to consider, critique and discuss contemporary
political and social developments and debate.
* Find out about routes into local politics. Investigate the UK Youth Parliament and get involved in
their campaigns for young people in our country and local area.