Assessing: Pattern and Sequence (MS Word 78 Kb)


Reflection Checklist

(from NCCA ‘Guidelines for Teachers of Students with General Learning Disabilities’)

Checklist for assessing student’s skills development

Curricular area: Mathematics

Strand: Algebra: Pattern and Sequence

Level: MGLD

Can the student:

attend to repeated sounds and actions respond to repeated sounds, patterns, and movements imitate repeated sounds, patterns, and movements initiate and create his/her own repetitive sounds and movements attend to the sequencing of two or three familiar routines identify some of the patterns in daily routines match sets of identical objects in one-to-one correspondence correctly sequence two or three events demonstrate understanding of first, next, last follow the correct sequence in carrying out activities correctly sequence pictures that depict familiar activities use familiar 2-D and 3-D objects to copy/continue patterns (in colour, shape, or size) observe and talk about patterns copy, continue, and extend patterns?

Areas of Strength:

Areas for Development:

Strategies for Development: