Performance Checklist: What`s Your Story

Performance Checklist: What’s Your Story?
I planned my time wisely to ensure access to needed materials
I thought about things I wanted to find for my presentation.
I thought about what materials and equipment I would need for
the presentation
I made a timeline of when major parts of the presentation
would be done.
I shared my plans with my teacher.
I made a storyboard to organize my thoughts and ideas.
My organization was easy for others to follow.
I included a meaningful title slide that captured the audience’s
I included a conclusion slide.
Media Use
I used photographs in my presentation
I used some original art and effects in my presentation.
I used voice-overs or sounds to enhance my presentation.
The media I choose is related to the content of the presentation.
I paid attention to copyright issues and cited sources when
I balanced media and text.
The words on the slides are easy to read.
The words on the slides are spelled correctly.
The graphics on the slides are easy to see.
The colors and patterns on my slides look good together.
The slides seem to go together when you move from one to the
Sounds and music are easy to hear.
The transitions add to the mood of the presentation.
The slides and transitions take just the right amount of time –
not too fast or too slow.