Week 2 – Nov 9th 2015 - Ecclesall Infant School

Week Beginning November 9th
This half-term our topic is;
‘Colour and celebrations around the world’
In Literacy our big book this week is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”.
We will also be reading the book “Stick Man” as a stimulus for
some of our shared writing. We will be writing sentences
related to our ‘celebration’ photographs in our small group
guided writing sessions focusing on ‘I am …’.In phonics we will
continue to segment words and blend sounds (f-i-sh). We will
revise the initial sounds ‘s’ ‘t’, ‘a’ ‘p’ ‘i’ ‘n’ ‘m’ and ‘d’ and introduce
the initial sounds ‘g’ ‘o’ ‘c’ and ‘k’ , and we will be making some
two and three letter words with letter fans using these sounds.
We will sing our alphabet song! We will also be revising all the
key words we have learned so far (I, am, cat, dog, mum, dad,
see,) and introduce ‘and’. Our puppet will help as usual! We will
be making up some funny sentences! Our handwriting focus will
be revising ‘long ladder letters’; l/i.
Our focus will be ‘estimating’, and talking about ‘more’ and
‘fewer’ when comparing two sets of objects. We will be using
some favourite toys to help us! We will also be working with
partners to share our ideas.
Understanding the World
Our session this week will focus on Autumn. We are looking
forward to a walk around our school grounds to look at the
changing colours, and we will be making collections of leaves
and natural objects and looking at their different patterns.
We will be using a non-fiction ‘big book’;“Seasons” to help us.
We will be talking about the festival of Diwali this week and
enjoying some activities related to this special celebration.