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For immediate release:
Terrill Middle School Player’s upcoming production of The Diary of Anne Frank, adapted from Anne
Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Winner of virtually every coveted prize of theatre and film, including the
1956 Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, Critics Circle Award, and three Academy Awards.
Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who goes into hiding during WW II to escape Nazi persecution. Together
with seven others, she hides in the secret annex attached to her father’s business. An aspiring writer, Anne
receives a diary as a birthday gift, and it becomes a great source of support. While in hiding, she hears on the
radio that the Minister of Education is asking for people to keep war diaries. Anne decides to edit her diary
and create a novel called 'The Secret Annex.' After 2 years in hiding, the group is discovered and deported to
concentration camps. Anne’s father, Otto Frank, is the only one of the eight people to survive.
“I sometimes wonder if anyone will ever understand what I mean, if anyone will ever overlook
my ingratitude and not worry about whether or not I’m Jewish and merely see me as a teenager
badly in need of some good, plain fun.”
– Anne
Frank, December 24, 1943
Published in 1947, the diary has been translated into 71 languages, and published in over 60 countries.
More than 30 million copies of Anne’s diary have been sold.
Performances: 7pm, Friday and Saturday, November 21st and 22nd
Terrill Middle School, 1301 Terrill Rd, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Tickets will be available starting November 1st
Adults $10, Students/Seniors $8
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