Famous Person

Famous Person
If I could be any famous person I would be Anne Frank. Anne Frank was an
inspiration to a lot of people. She was strong, brave, and high spirited in times that
weren’t so good. If I were to be in that situation I wish I could be as brave as she
If I were to be Anne Frank, my schedule probably would have been the same
almost every day. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, study or read, do some
chores, all while being very very quiet. Then, when it was safe to be louder, I could
have ran around, sang songs, run the water, talk loudly to the other people I lived
with, ate dinner, and even talked to people at dinner instead of eating quietly.
Anne Frank wore clothes that were normal at that time, dresses, skirts and
blouses, corset’s, stockings, slips, lace up shoes, all that. Well if I were Anne Frank
I guess I wouldn’t really have much choice in what I wore, now would I? I mean, you
can’t very well go out and buy yourself new clothes. I probably would have gotten
hand me downs from my sister. Although I probably wouldn’t like the corset one
bit, those things are tight and uncomfortable and there’s wires everywhere and..
Ugh. I just wouldn’t do it.
So, I guess that’s why I would be Anne Frank. She’s truly an inspiration. Her
book gives us a peek into her life, imagine what it would be like to live it.