PowerPoint 1 Anne Frank Day Assembly

PowerPoint 1
Anne Frank Day Assembly
“Although I'm only fourteen,
I know quite well what I want,
I know who is right and who is
wrong. I have my opinions,
my own ideas and principles,
and although it may sound pretty
mad from an adolescent,
I feel more of a person than a child,
I feel quite independent of anyone.”
©Anne Frank Fonds, Basel, Switzerland
Anne Frank was born on
June 12th 1929.
She would have been
this week.
©Anne Frank Fonds, Basel, Switzerland
On her 13th birthday Anne Frank was given a
diary in which she recorded her thoughts and
feelings before and whilst in hiding.
“We’ve been strongly reminded of the fact that we’re Jews
in chains, chained to one spot, without any rights, but
with a thousand obligations”
“We must put our feelings aside; we must be brave and
strong, bear discomfort with- out complaint, do whatever
is in our power and trust in God. One day this terrible war
will be over. The time will come when we’ll be people
again and not just Jews!”
“Bep and Miep went
shopping with our ration
coupons, Father worked on
our black-out screens, we
scrubbed the kitchen floor,
and were once again busy
from morning to night. Until
Wednesday, I didn’t have a
chance to think about the
enormous change in my life.
Then for the first time since
our arrival in the Secret
Annexe, I found a moment
to tell you all about it and to
realize what had happened
to me and what was yet to
“No one is spared. The sick, the elderly, children, babies
and pregnant women – all are marched to their death.
And all because they’re Jews”
Following Anne's death in Bergen-Belsen
in 1945, her father, Otto Frank, chose to
publish her diary in order to help
challenge the hatred that had killed his
Her diary has since sold more than 30
million copies worldwide and has been
translated into 67 languages.
What is life like for young people in
the UK today?
The Anne Frank Trust is on a mission to create
The world’s biggest digital diary
Anne Frank was the author of one of the most
widely read diaries in the world
Her voice has spanned decades. Now its your turn
to have your say!