C. Friends of Pittville “History Works” Group

Appendix C
Friends of Pittville’s “History Works” Group
The Pittville History Works Group is unlocking Pittville’s past. This involves pulling
together material from censuses, directories, house deeds, photographs, personal
reminiscences and other sources, and putting it all online on a web site
www.pittvillehistory.org.uk. The aim of the project is to create a rich source of detailed
historical materials about Pittville and its residents. This will cover the historic houses
around the park and the people who lived and worked there. It will name people who
could use the east park through subscription.
It is intended that the historical material can be used in a variety of ways such as:
1. Pittville timeline
This section on the website uses publications from the period initially to provide a
picture of what was happening in Pittville from 1825 (when the foundation stone
for the Pittville Pump Room was laid) until 1910. This will be extended in the
2. Pittville lives
This section has a number of short biographies of Pittville residents, which
includes military figures, artists and writers, clergymen, doctors and servants.
3. Search pages
These pages are for finding out about people and places in a wide variety of
ways. For example, all the occupants of a particular house 1841 to 1901, or the
changing proportion of men to women within the community over the same