Reading Intervention Program Descriptions at HOUGH

Reading Intervention Program Descriptions at
Double Dose of Read Well/Extensions
Phonological Awareness – The ability to identify and
make oral rhymes, identify and work with syllables in
spoken words, identify and work with onsets and rimes,
and hear, identify, and work with individual
sounds(phonemes) in spoken words.
Phonics and Word Analysis- Understanding the
relationship between letters and sounds. When they
understand these relationships, they can recognize
familiar words easily and decode many words they have
not encountered before.
Comprehension – See definition below
PALS (Teacher Directed) is specifically designed to address the
need for systematic and explicit instruction in phonological
decoding. The program improves phonemic awareness,
phonics skills, and vocabulary.
Earobics is a computer based intervention program focusing
on phonemic awareness skills. Phonemic Awareness – The
ability to hear, identify, and work with the 44 sounds of the
English language.
Phonemic awareness is under the
Phonological Awareness domain as described above.
Reading Mastery is a systematic, direct instruction, full-year
curriculum available in two versions, Level 1 and Level 2 (for
use in 1st and 2nd grade). The program begins by teaching
phonemic awareness and sound-letter correspondence and
progresses to word an passage reading, vocabulary
development, comprehension, and building oral reading
Read Naturally is designed to build fluency. Through repeated
readings and graphing progress of one-minute timings, the
student works on increasing fluency. There is also a
comprehension component with each passage.
Phonics Boost focuses on developing decoding skills and
reading accuracy. The lessons are designed to improve
students’ phonemic awareness and to fill the gaps in phonics
knowledge, which leads to improved accuracy when reading.
Improved accuracy often leads to better comprehension and
fluency. Phonics Boost is designed for 2nd-5th graders.
Phonics Blitz also focuses on developing decoding skills and
reading accuracy. Like Boost, the lessons are designed to
improve students’ phonemic awareness and to fill the gaps in
phonics knowledge. It explicitly teaches how to decode words
with advanced vowels and multisyllabic words. Phonics Blitz is
designed for 4th and 5th graders.
Soar to Success is a comprehension program focused on
developing four important reading strategies; clarifying, asking
questions, predicting, and summarizing. Students read rich
literature and participate in discussions and activities that
develop these comprehension strategies.
Phonics for Reading is a carefully sequenced program that
gives direct instruction in phonics. The program provides
plenty of practice with each phonics skill that is introduced.
After practicing the new sound with both one-syllable and
multisyllabic words, the students read a passage that
incorporates the skills they’ve acquired thus far. The program
also includes spelling, fluency building, and comprehension
(primarily retell) development.
 First Level focuses on short vowels, consonants, consonant
blends, digraphs and CVC words.
 Second Level progresses with advanced vowels (ea, ee, ai,
ay) , r-controlled vowel sounds (or, ar, er), common
endings (ing, ed, es) and CVCe words (words with the
silent e).
*Third Level expands concepts with more advanced vowels
(oi, oy, au, ow), common prefixes and suffixes (re, tion, less),
minor consonant sounds for c and g, and multisyllabic words