Earth polarization Hassan ASADIYAN FALAHIEH, Payam

Earth polarization
Hassan ASADIYAN FALAHIEH, Payam-e Noor University of Ahwaz, Iran,
[email protected]
By using geographical concepts such as N/S or E/W and comparing meteorological
phenomena with geological ones we try to understand the foundation of geodynamic. For
example E/W and N/S-Hemisphere show different polarization with respect to sunlight and
season. From geological view we also see orogenic belt in the Earth has different
polarizations with respect to E-W e.g. gravity anomalies around Rocky and Himalaya.
Another example: East Pacific and west Pacific show inverse polarization e.g. Japan/Fijibasins with respect to Ands/Rocky-mountains. Alp-Himalaya oscillates in E-W direction but
Rocky-Ands, in the opposite side, oscillate in N-S direction. Furthermore in global scale we
see oceans and continents located against each other with respect to E/W and N/SHemisphere. Geomagnetic field also diverge from the South and converge into the North.
Inversely, we see mass concentration (Antarctica) in south-pole and mass dispersion (Arctic
Ocean) in the north-pole. If we admit that they are not randomly occurred so what is the
mystery hidden behind these facts? It seems the same dynamic driving metrology drive
geodynamic; the difference is only in the scales. Earth-fractalization agrees very well with
cyclone-like galactic cell which fired several billion years ago under Mecca. accordingly
Mecca's location satisfies Golden-Ratio i.e. south latitude of Mecca is about 1.618 times of
north latitude, but with respect to E-W it is remarkably to adopt the Tonga-Samoa rift as a
meridian, under this condition west longitude is also about 1.618 times east longitude. '.618'
show amount of excess spreading in the W/S with respect to E/N.
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