AMP13_§ 5.7_Dubromel_Contribution des ressources

European Economic and Social Committee
Coal and Lignite
17-18 February 2016
Dumitru Fornea
Renata Eisenvortová
Michel Dubromel
Point 5.7
Amend as follows:
Focussing on As well as the need to pay attention to GHG emission reduction targets is
not enough. Account, account must be taken of the risks posed by high energy prices that
some citizens cannot afford and that are driving industry away from Europe., prices
being too dependent on storable energy sources. It is therefore necessary to adopt a A
balanced approach is needed and EU targets should reflect commitments made by the
EU’s major trading partners , increasingly incorporating civic renewable energy
sources. These help to boost local job numbers and control energy costs. The EU cannot
show leadership with a strong climate and energy policy if the rest of the world does not
Without making assumptions as to the conclusions of the COP21 talks, account has to be taken of the
urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases world-wide. However, this should not happen to the detriment
of the general public: people should have access to energy at fair prices. The accelerating
development of renewable energy means that economies of scale are possible and the cost of such
energy is becoming increasingly competitive. Moreover, this is not dependent on energy storage. The
price of energy is not the only factor leading to company relocations: other socio-economic factors are
taken into account. The point as a whole ought to be adjusted to reflect this.
CCMI/138 – EESC-2015-01360-13-01-AMP-TRA
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