LYMEC RESOLUTIONS FORM Submitted by: Jonge Democraten

Submitted by:
Jonge Democraten
Resolution spokesperson:
Arvid Plugge
European fund for sustainable energy
06. Climate action, Energy and natural resources
Renewable energy, Energy, Natural resources
Summary (optional)
Whereas, Noting that,
Stating, Taking into
account, Recognising etc.
Building on (October 2015)
1.25 No double standards – the EU needs a frugal budget that
invests into the future!
4.04 Time to Complete the Internal Market
6.03 Resolution on Basic Principles and Goals for an EC
Environmental Policy
6.06 Reducing the Use of Fossil Fuels
6.07 Urgency Resolution on Climate Change
6.10 EmPOWERing Europe – The Single European Energy Market of
the future
Knowing, Aware of,
Considering that etc.
Energy from fossil and nuclear sources are indirect
subsidized due to the external effects which are borne by
society as health cost, loss of ecological capital and its
benefits, loss of life expectancy, loss of welfare and
prosperity, etc.
The worldwide subsidies on energy are estimated by the
IMF at 5.3 T$ (5.3 long scale billion / 5.3 short scale trillion),
for which external costs passed on to society are the main
share. (to get a feeling: if this amount is spread equally on
the world wide energy consumption, it equals about 0,03
$/kWh on primary energy – for electricity this price has to
be multiplied by roughly a factor 2 to take the efficiency
of the power plant in to account).
Almost every EU country has national regulations to
Concludes, Stresses out,
Urges, Demands,
Expresses, Believes that,
Welcomes, Condemns etc.
Believes that:
Free market dynamics is the most efficient tool to change
to a revolution or evolution of the energy market
The free market dynamics is crippled by the hidden subsidy
of fossil and nuclear energy
The most efficient and favorable way to restore the free
market dynamics, namely to return the external costs of
energy back to the polluter (plant operator), will be difficult
and time consuming to achieve due to: the strong energy
and industries lobby, economic interests, incapable politic
organizations, etc
The fastest way to restore a decent level playing field for an
effective market dynamic is to give a direct subsidy to
renewable energy generation projects.
The national subsidies for renewable energy is admirable
but is not the most efficient in using the geographic
resources of the EU. A EU-wide fund for
energy will help the market to exploit the most favorable
locations to get as much effectiveness of the investment as
LYMEC Calls upon, LYMEC
proposes the following etc.
Striking down other
resolutions (optional)
subsidize renewable energy
The effectiveness of sustainable energy sources are very
dependent on the installed location
Little to no time is available to switch to a less greenhouse
gas polluting society to prevent drastic consequences due
to global warming.
LYMEC proposes the following:
An EU fund shall be created to stimulate renewable energy
generation and projects to integrate renewable energy in a EU
wide reliable energy system.
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