Tim and Moby Asexual Reproduction.answ

Tim and Moby – Asexual Reproduction
1. Asexual reproduction means…
Reproduction without a separate male and female
2. Strawberries reproduce
With a single stem filled with child plants
3. New Aspen trees can form from
The trees roots
4. Humans have helped asexual reproduction in plants by
Cutting and replanting
5. The children plants in asexual reproduction are
Always genetically identical to the parents, meaning they
are clones
6. In sexual reproduction…
A female egg cell is fertilized by a male sperm cell. Each
cell contains a half set of the parents’ genes. The
combination makes a new, unique individual
7. In asexual reproduction the parent’s genes
Split in two
8. In eukaryotes (nucleus), the chromosomes replicate
9. In prokaryotes (no nucleus) the chromosomes replicate
Through binary fission
10. A child organism growing from a parent’s body is
11. A starfish can grow back an arm through
12. Regeneration can go as far as producing
Two separate children