bio3 - OpenStudy

1.The “building blocks” of polysaccharides are _______, and the blocks are covalently linked
together by _______.
A. glycerol and fatty acids; glycosidic linkages
B. amino acids; triple bonds
C. monosaccharides; glycosidic linkages
D. disaccharides; triple bonds
E. oligosaccharides; glycosidic linkages
Answer choice C
Which of the following statements about starch is false?
A. Starch may be partially branched.
B. Starch is a polymer of glucose.
C. Starch is formed by the condensation of monomers.
D. The properties of starch are very similar to those of cellulose.
E. Starch may be digested by people.
Answer choice E
Which of the following characteristics distinguishes carbohydrates from other macromolecule
A. Carbohydrates are constructed of monomers that always have a ring structure.
B. Carbohydrates never contain nitrogen.
C. Carbohydrates consist of a carbon bonded to hydrogen and a hydroxyl group.
D. Carbohydrates contain glycerol.
E. None of the above
Answer choice A
1.A five-carbon sugar is known as a
A. glutamine.
B. glucose.
C. hexose.
D. pentose.
E. None of the above
Answer choice D
Oils and fats
A. form membranes.
B. are triglycerides.
C. all contain the same fatty acids.
D. are good for you in large amounts.
E. have glycosidic linkages.
Answer choice B
Oils melt at a lower temperature than fats because
A. oils and fats are not the same type of macromolecule.
B. fats contain more saturated fatty acids than oils.
C. fats contain are unsaturated fatty acids than oils.
D. oils are made by plants.
E. fats are common in animals.
Answer Choice C
Fatty acids are
A. carboxylic acids with long hydrocarbon tails.
B. linked to glycerol in fats by hydrogen bonds.
C. always saturated.
D. large polymers of monosaccharides.
E. water soluble.
Answer choice A
A phospholipid differs from a triglyceride in that phospholipids
A. are amphipathic.
B. are not derivatives of glycerol.
C. do not have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts.
D. are used to store energy for the cell.
E. do not contain fatty acids.
Answer choice B