SOL Study Review
1. What is a light-year?
2.What is the scientific method? What can you accomplish by doing an experiment over and over?
3. What are contour lines? Draw a mountain, steep land, flat land, and a valley. Be able to navigate
from point A to point B.
4. What is latitude and longitude?
5. What is rotation and revolution? How long does it take earth to revolve and rotate?
6. Draw where the Sun, Earth and the moon are located during these four phases of the moon. The new
moon, the full moon, 1st quarter and last quarter.
7. Draw the sun and the nine planets in our solar system. Which planet is Earth from the sun?
8. What is the single most important influence of weather, including storms like tornadoes and
9. What is the most abundant gas in stars?
10. How do stars like our sun get their energy and produce heat?
11. Which planet is most like Earth?
12. What is a meteorite?
13. How do you test the streak of a mineral?
14. What mineral is used to make baby powder?
15. What mineral is found mostly in sand? In turn, what happens when sand becomes overheated (think
of the movie Sweet Home Alabama, if you’ve seen it)?
16. Draw the rock cycle.
17. What are the two types of igneous rocks? Which one is found inside of earth’s surface and made
from cooled magma?
18. What are the two types of metamorphic rocks? Which type is made of bands and layers that are
separated grain type by grain type?
19. What are the three types of sedimentary rocks? Which type has rocks that were made by minerals
being dissolved and water evaporating?
20. What is the largest natural resource in Virginia?
21. How do we know so much about the Earth’s interior if we have never been very far into it?
22. What is the evidence of Pangaea and continental drift?
23. Which province in Virginia has been formed through faulting and folding mostly?
24. What are the five provinces of Virginia from West to East?
25. What type of rock is found mostly in the Blue Ridge?
26. What kind of sedimentary rock is found mostly in the Valley and Ridge, therefore making it very
“cavey” or “karst”?
27. What is the most powerful force that shapes the coastal plain province of Virginia?
28. What is the zone of aeration, zone of saturation and water table?
29. What type of rock are most fossils found in? What is an imprint & mold and cast?
30. What is amber?
31. What is the law of superposition and law of cross-cutting?
32. Marble of the metamorphic rock of what sedimentary rock?
33. Quartzite is the metamorphic rock of what sedimentary rock?
34. Marble and Quartzite are used primarily for what?
35. Earth’s interior is mostly what two elements?
36. What are the two most abundant elements in Earth’s atmosphere?
37. Where did the oxygen come from that supplies Earth’s and all its inhabitants today?
38. What is upwelling in oceans?
39. How do the ocean currents act like convection currents?
40. What is a barometer, anemometer, and a psychrometer?
41. What do you call the cloud of gas and dust that is the beginning of stars?
42. What color are the coldest and hottest stars?
43. What is a galaxy? What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
44. How do we gather most of our information about our galaxy and other galaxies?
45. What is the best evidence of the big bang theory?
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