Name: Quiz: Rocks & Minerals % 1.________The process of

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Quiz: Rocks & Minerals
1.________The process of breaking down of rocks into smaller particles is called:
A. weathering
B. erosion
C. sedimentation
2.________Three main rock types are sedimentary, igneous and:
A. metamorphic
B. laval
C. plutonic
3.________ Sedimentary rocks are formed by the:
A. weathering and erosion of rocks
B. deposition, compaction and cementing of sediments
C. solidification of molten rock such as lava
4. ________The name given to layers of sedimentary rock is:
A. strata
B. deposition
C. compaction
5. ________ Examples of sedimentary rocks are:
A. marble, limestone and basalt
B. pumice, granite and obsidian
C. sandstone, shale and conglomerate
6. ________ Molten rock beneath the earth's surface is:
A. lava
B. crust
C. magma
7. ________ Rocks that may contain many different particle sizes are called:
A. funky
B. extrusive
C. sedimentary
8. ________ The streak of a mineral:
A. is always white or black
B. is always the same even if the mineral color differs
C. can be different, depending on the rock
9. ________ Rocks that have been changed by heat and pressure are called:
A. volcanic
B. sedimented
C. metamorphic
10. ________An example of an igneous rock that cooled slowly beneath the earth's surface is:
A. granite
B. marble
C. sandstone
11. ________ The scale used to test hardness of minerals for identification is:
A. the Mercalli Scale
B. Moh's Scale
C. the Richter Scale
12. ________An example of a characteristic property of a mineral is:
A. has a consistent hardness
B. has a crystal structure
C. has a specific color