The Universe and Its Stars / Matter and Its Interactions

Human Impacts Study Guide
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5th Grade PSI
1. How do humans impact the Earth?
2. What are the two ways we can measure how humans have changed the Earth?
3. What do humans depend on the Earth for?
4. What is an ecological footprint?
5. Define Anthropocene Era and when does it start?
6. In what ways have humans had a negative impact on the Earth?
7. Define carrying capacity.
8. Define pollution and the three main areas.
9. What are three ways humans have impacted the land?
10. What is resource depletion and the two driving behind it?
11. Define Deforestation
12. Define Desertification
13. Define Soil Depletion
14. What is drought and how does it occur?
15. How have humans changed the water supply?
16. What are the impacts of dams on the surround ecosystems?
17. Define water pollution and how it occurs.
18. What are the main causes of air pollution and decreased air quality?
19. What are the two sources of air pollution?
20. Define global warming. What are the factors behind global warming?
21. What are the signs of global warming?
22. What cause the hole in the ozone? Why is it harmful?
23. What are three reason for the increased habitat destruction?
24. Define biodiversity. Why is it important?
25. What are the causes of species extinction?
26. Define bioaccumulation.
27. Describe how humans have impacted space.
28. How do human impacts on one sphere impact the others?
29. What positive impacts have humans had on Earth?
30. Define reforestation.
31. What daily changes can you make to reduce your impact on Earth?
32. What are nonrenewable resources? Why are they harmful for the Earth?
33. Define recycling.
34. Define sustainable agriculture.
35. How can you can reduce your impact on Earth?
36. Define renewable resources and explain why they are better for the environment.
5th Grade PSI
Humans Impact on Earth