Periodic Table - Lecture Notes - 2

Periodic Table Lecture Notes #2
- This is the second most important lecture you will have in
this class.
- Many of the “sub groups” on the periodic table are just a
specific column(see periodic table groups overhead)
- Elements in the same column are grouped together because
they are the same distance away from achieving their
goal.(see periodic table groups overhead)
- The goal of all elements is to be like a noble gas.
- Noble Gases exist only as a single atom, they do not bond
with other atoms.
- The closer an element is to a noble gas, the more reactive
it is.
- Example #1: Gold is far away from noble gases and is
usually found pure in nature.
- Example#2: Magnesium is only 2 protons away from
Neon and is fairly reactive, it is never found pure in nature
.(see Mg + O2 demo)
- Example #3: Sodium is only 1 proton away from Neon so
it is extremely reactive, and is never found pure nature.(see
Na + H2O demo)