Arts, Media and Design

Arts, Media and Design
“Everything you can imagine is real”
Merge your passion for the
arts with core subject areas
and real world applications.
Our Focus:
The Arts, Media and Design “Den” is a creative learning experience where
students can express their individuality. The den includes a diverse range of
innovative products and authentic performance experiences. Learning is
hands-on and product based. Students collaborate with each other and
professionals based on their individual interests. Students’ creativity will
emerge from drawing together different perspectives and knowledge within
an interdisciplinary framework.
Imagine Your Future:
Do you see yourself…?
can you see yourself…
Working as a commercial artist?
Drawing, painting, or sculpting?
Performing or recording music?
Managing a political campaign?
Working as a video game developer?
Creating the next great animated movie?
Creating fashion and make-up designs for a runway show?
Working as an architect or landscape designer?
21st Century Skills/Habits of Mind:
Our den is committed to making the following skills an essential part of our
Creating, Imagining, and Innovating
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Initiative & Self-Direction
Flexibility & Adaptability
Arts, Media and Design
Proposed 9th and 10th Grade Learning Experiences
Finding My Pathway in the Arts—9th Grade
Fall 2014
1st 9 week focus:
Our 9th and 10th
grade students take
foundation courses in
math, science, social
studies and English.
Our den is committed
to using our den lens
to make the Common
Core State Standards
accessible to all
students. In this
manner, students
connect what they are
learning with realworld applications.
Self-Evaluation and investigation of group talents and strengths.
Essential question: Who are you as an artist?
Proposed experiences: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Personality Tests.
9 weeks focus:
Self-Evaluation and investigation of my talents and strengths.
Essential question: Where do we fit in the Arts Den?
Proposed experiences: Cleveland Playhouse.
Spring 2015
3rd 9 week focus:
Self-Evaluation and investigation of den identity.
Essential question: What are my career options?
Proposed experiences: Guest speakers, Art Museum or News Station.
4th 9 weeks focus:
Self-Evaluation and investigation of branding.
Essential question: How can I show others what I have learned about myself?
Proposed experiences: Cleveland Orchestra.
Potential Pathways—11th & 12th Grade
As the world of work continues to change, our den is committed to creating a widerange of options. Our commitment is to ensure students have more opportunities than
ever before to gain credentials and/or college credit to ensure a seamless transition
from high school to careers or post-secondary education.
The focus
Arts and Media Areas of Focus
Media and Design
Theater Arts (Performing and Technical)
Instrumental/Vocal Music
Visual Arts