File - Cub Scout Pack 216, Cary, NC

2015 Popcorn Parent Info
Why do we sell popcorn? Pack 216 is a very active organization and we only have this one fundraiser a year. The profits
from our sale help to subsidize the costs of all the activities for our scouts. Scouts learn valuable skills such as dealing with
people, handling money and change, and keeping records. Scouts develop pride in contributing directly towards the cost
of their activities.
 Goals - $400/scout. Average per scout cost for Pack 216 is $150. Roughly 1/3 sales go to support Pack 216 directly.
1/3 of sales go to Occoneechee Council (Council offices and 3 scout camps). Scouts who do not meet their goals are
being subsidized by those who exceed their goals.
 Popcorn sales go from 19Sep-24Oct. 5 ways to sell:
o Take Order: Sell to family, neighbors, etc , deliver product in early Nov.
o Show-n-Deliver: Sell to family, neighbors, etc and give product immediately.
o Online orders: Den Kernel has info
o Show-n-Sell: Work outside of stores with other scouts. Sign up at Pack meeting
o Military donations are tax deductible (receipts are available from your Den Kernel).
 Take-Order:
o Parent MUST accompany scout. Scout should not enter customer homes.
o Fill out the forms neatly. Sometimes it helps to have a ruler and clipboard.
o It’s useful to ask the customer to record an email or phone on the form so that you can contact if needed
o Customer pays at the time of order. Order will be available for delivery on 15Nov.
o Be extremely careful with record keeping. We’re taking money upfront – so we must follow through on
o Parents should photocopy or scan their forms before turning them in to Den Kernels. You will need the copies
to make your deliveries in November. Den Kernel should do the same with all forms as a back-up.
 Show-n-deliver:
o Parent MUST accompany scout. Scout should not enter customer homes.
o If you placed a preorder, it can be picked up on 17Sep or 18Sep. See Den Kernel/Den Leader
o Record these sales in same neat manner on the form as with Take Orders.
o Make sure to put a checkmark in the “DLV” column for popcorn you deliver directly to the customer so that
we don’t order it.
o Left over inventory should be returned as soon as possible. Contact Den Leader/Kernel.
 Online ordering
o See information provided to you in packet and Den Kernel
o Go to to sign in or create account.
 Show-n-sell (storefront selling)
o Sign up at Pack meeting
o Notify your Den Kernel if/when you have signed up.
o Scouts must wear class A’s. Parents MUST accompany Scouts.
o Scouts record their Show-n-sell sales credit as a line on their order form, with a checkmark in “DLV” column.
 Prizes – See presentation.
o Gift Cards OR items; and patches. See popcorn materials
o Fast Start incentives – Top sellers in first week
o Fill-up form - Game tickets (supplies limited)
o Raffle entry for every $100 sold used to enter drawing for restaurant gift cards
o $700 Sales Club – Patch and a model rocket
Important Points to Remember:
 Only online sales before Sept. 19th please!
 Make checks payable to BSA Pack 216.
 Donations may be accepted for the Pack but CANNOT be solicited. Please keep donations separate from the popcorn
money. Donations do NOT count toward trails end prizes, or you can ‘pool’ donations toward Military donation.
 Do NOT give cash to your Den Kernel. Please gather all cash and write a check to the Pack to cover the amount.
 Please mark order forms carefully and double check to be sure everything adds up correctly.
 Sometimes corrections on order forms are difficult to read or understand. If your order form becomes hard to read or
follow, please copy the information onto a new order form. Extra order forms are available from your Den Kernel.
 Popcorn forms and checks are due to the Den Kernels by 25Oct (or earlier). MAKE A COPY of your form(s)
 Den Kernels must turn in their checks and forms to Steve Thomas by 27Oct.