Why was I chosen?
Black Desires and Hidden Forces.
I must follow my mission. My instincts coincide with my cold soul.
I am a perfect weapon: without any fear and anxiety. I follow the Path.
Eve is waiting by the tree. It's dark in my head. I remember. Or maybe
Dark. The memory is the path. Long and always changing.
Cannot see my shadow. Still remember. There is the tree.
Why me?
Do not remember me. I was gone. Dark.
I am enjoying the crime. It gives me pleasure.
Cannot remember why.. My dream is my life.
It is cold inside, but my words are convincing.
I follow through, all the way.
The punishment my release.
A few minutes fever of joy for eternal pain.
Why me?
(..The Serpent)
The meek colours of the trees and the fainting bushes were blending and
shielding against the heat.
The air had come to a standstill, begging for mercy and wishing for the
return of the soothing breeze that used to sweep along the vegetation.
It was a talking silence. It had nothing to say and it was telling it.
Birds were resting in the trees, forgetting how to sing and how to fly.
Their little beaks moving slowly up and down.. Their minds collapsing.
All the other animals also felt the pressure; the end of time.
And the beginning.
They suddenly remembered the future. It was already the past.
The serpent´s dream.
The path is eternal, dark and filled with suffering.
The grand pathos of life, the human source of light is waiting in the
shadows of our mind.
A bleek memory, a lightning and a miscalculation.
Jag såg henne komma på långt avstånd.
Hon strövade obekymrat längs strandkanten, nynnande på en atonal
strof från Den Gamla Världen, den blå auran glödde stilla i skenet av
den långsamt sjunkande aftonsolen o hennes hår strilande som lava
längs med hennes obefläckat solheta kinder.
Jag slutade andas och överlät med välbehag och tillförsikt andningen till
havets våta lungor. Tiden stod och vägde. Sanden tog min oskuld medan
jag sakta höjde handen. En hälsing med anspelat avvaktande.
För alltid.
Ur tid..
In the light of Eternity I search for that special place.
Where the Beast is tame and the Slaughter is a faint memory; reflecting
only the human soars of a broken promise.
If you would come with me, the Devils voice would soften, became weak
and finally be the songs of birds.
Is this Paradise?
God points his finger to me. The fruit is bitter and the snake alluring.
I search.
In the beginning of time the Angels wept but there were no tears.
The small wings flaxing slowly like wounded birds.
The gates of Paradise closed and the wind swept whispering and
relentlessly over the naked couple.
We all awaited.
The Cosmic Blessing.
You looked at the horizont like for the first time .
Tears without crying.