Give Where You Live

“Give Where You Live”
Many of our local children suffer from injuries, illnesses, and diseases that require immediate, and often times,
extensive medical attention. Stories Creek Elementary School is honored to provide an opportunity for our community
to give back. The “Give Where You Live” initiative is a fundraiser designed to raise awareness in students and
community members of the services that Duke Children’s Hospital offers to its patients, educate our students on the
importance of developing and maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, and allow our students, parents, teachers, and
volunteers the opportunity to serve those in need.
Every year thousands of children are treated at Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center for a wide range of medical
conditions, from common childhood illnesses to life threatening diseases. Duke Children’s Hospital remains diligent and
dedicated to providing the most valuable medical services to others. All proceeds from the “Give Where You Live”
fundraiser will be donated directly to Duke Children’s Hospital. Your generosity will support Duke Children’s in its
continued mission to deliver high quality healthcare services to children in the Research Triangle area and beyond.
We hope that you will consider donating to this cause and thank you for your continued support. Furthermore, we do
not discourage donations from friends, families, and other willing contributors that live outside of the Roxboro
community, as any and all donations are both welcomed and appreciated! We are confident that that this fundraiser
will provide an opportunity for our students to learn the invaluable lessons of self-service, sacrifice, and citizenship!
All donations can be made at
Please do not make direct donations to the school unless they are made on “coin drive days”. Stay tuned for these dates and
other information which will be made available through flyers, newsletter, phone messages, and our school Facebook page.
Thank You,
Heather Bowling
Principal, Stories Creek Elementary School