Brize Castle - Facefield NS

Brize Castle is located in Brize. It is on the top of a hill in a field. The
Norman’s which are called Vikings these days built Brize Castle in
1170. Today only a few stones can be seen from it. The O’Brien’s
own the field it is in. It is very old now it is about a thousand years
It used to be called Bri because the chiefs castle was in Bri. But then
they changed it to Brize because it is located in Bri. The Norman’s
came to Ireland in 1169. Strongbow lend the Norman’s to Ireland.
From the top of the towers the Norman’s could see the whole
countryside. The Normans soon settled into the area and became
more Irish than the Irish themselves and the people are stubborn not
to stand up to themselves while the Normans take all their animals
and land. The castle had more rooms than anything we know , it was
round and had loads of small towers around it. The Vikings came to
Ireland in 976 AD. They were from Norway, Sweden and Finland.
They were fierce warriors that sailed in longboats. At that time
Ireland was known as the land of Saints and Scholars because a
number of monasteries in the country. The monks in the monasteries
made gold chalices and ornaments. Turgesius the Viking plundered
the monastery in Mayo Abbey in 818. Maurice Prendergast built
Brize castle to protect the Normans from (No) danger.
This is what Brize castle might have have looked like.