Year 4 – Why were the Norman castles certainly not bouncy?

Year 4 – Why were the Norman castles certainly not bouncy?
Why go and visit a Norman
What do I know about castles
1) Evaluate guidebooks
the different types of
and flyers from visitor
castles, ‘historical,
attractions - How do
fantasy and
they persuade you to
2) Create a poster all
about the different
types of castles and
their features.
3) Learn all about why
the Normans built so
many castles and the
in British history?
1) Create a timeline of
and their importance?
1) Research on iPads
Why is 1066 such a famous date
visit the attractions?
2) Research location, facts,
opening times, history
etc of a local Norman
castle using iPads and
books. Design a flyer to
persuade people to visit
the castle.
events leading up to
the Battle of Hastings.
2) Chn will become the
BBC news team reporting the Battle of
Hastings as the events
unfold. Chn will be
split into two groups
‘Normans’ and ‘AngloSaxons’ and will
create headlines for
each event from their
point of view.
purpose they served.
Can you design and build your own
Who was William the conqueror and
Norman castle?
why was he so powerful?
1) Plan and design your own Norman
castle ensuring it includes all
2) Build a Norman castle in groups
using different materials e.g.
cardboard, paint etc. Castles will
enter competition and will be judged
upon historical accuracy, strength
and decoration and creativity.
1) Learn about William the
conqueror’s life by
reassembling his timeline.
2) Watch a documentary about
his life.
3) Write a biography chapter
How did life change after
the Norman invasion?
1) Watch a video of ‘life
of a boy living in
Norman Britain’.
2) Investigate the
impact the Normans
had on Britain and
about the life of William the
the changes that
occurred as a result
of the invasion. Chn
will write a report of
their findings.