19th Century Music Review Sheet 2015

Late 19th Century Music Review Sheet – Test Wednesday, March 18th
This will NOT be an open notes test.
Test Format
 Multiple Choice
 True / False
 Short answer (2-3 questions)
Topics – What are their stylistic features and how did each style impact music during the 19th century?
 Minstrelsy
 Ragtime
 Coon Songs
 Copyright
 Social Dance
 Tin Pan Alley
People – What were their contributions to music (and what style are they associated with) during this
time period?
 Thomas Dartmouth Rice
 Stephen Foster
 Scott Joplin
 John Philip Sousa
Important Songs – Who wrote them, and why are they important?
 Jump Jim Crow
 Old Folks At Home
 Maple Leaf Rag
 Stars and Stripes Forever
 After the Ball
Musical Styles – What they were used for, and where they were found (both geographically, and in
what social classes)?
 Minstrel Songs
 Ragtime
 Coon Songs
 Early Tin Pan Alley Songs
Short Answers (These will have to be answered in complete sentences).
Briefly describe the type of music that would be played at a “ball”.
Where did the musicians that created the early community bands come from?
What does the term “to rag” mean?
What are two impacts that ragtime had on music of the late 19th century?
How was the African American culture portrayed through minstrel songs?
What was Tin Pan Alley, and where was it located?
How did social dances impact the growth of music in America during this time period?
What was the underlying "theme" of the coon song style?