PTD Pro Series Downstream Test Section PTD

Test Section: Downstream - PTD
The duct mounted downstream sample test section shall be designed to perform an aerosol test on
HEPA filters, and a vapor test on carbon adsorbers. Test section shall have a concentric sample pipe
array to obtain representative concentrations downstream, when testing HEPA filters or Carbon
Adsorbers. The test section housing body shall be fabricated from 304/304L stainless steel products.
The array shall be of aluminum alloy or 300 series stainless steel construction. The test shall be bolted or
quick clamped to the exit ductwork and adjacent housing or downstream damper assembly. The
interface connection of the injection pripe array shall be female 3/8” NPT with a brass plug. The test
section shall be able to perform the applicable acceptance or surveillance tests as required per the
intent of ASME N510-1995 Reaffirmed and IEST RP-CC0034.3. Maximum pressure drop through the
downstream test section shall be 0.200" water gage at a total system velocity of 1,000 feet per minute