P3 4 Home Learning Grid

Date Due:
= Compulsory Tasks
See Homework diary. Please use question
starters to help you discuss the text with your
Be a Note Taker or a Letter writer
Keep up to date with the local and global news
and take notes on an event that you are
interested in to share with the class. Remember
to use a mind map, keywords and doodles when
you are note taking. Or write a letter of your
choice. Use the skills that you have learned in
Learn Its
Work on knowing your Learn Its like you know
your name.
Be a Mathlete
Log on to Mathletics, complete the set tasks
and then play live. Can you get a place on the
leader board?
Be Yourself
Be Reflective
Create a mind map of yourself and record all
the different things and people that help to
make you, you! Bring it in to share with the class
or I can pop it on our Home Learning board.
Talk at home about your learning highlights this
session and be prepared to share with your
classmates in a way of your choice. Maybe a
poster, power point, song, poem, rap or talk. You
A weekly sheet or task will be given.
Be a Spanish Teacher
Teach someone at home some of the
Spanish you have learned in class. If you
need a list of Spanish words ask Miss Rose.
Be a Baker
Bake anything you like at home. Bring in the
recipe, take photos/write out the instructions
to show your audience what you did.
 Homework grid should be completed by the due date. The compulsory tasks must be completed each week and then you can choose 3 or more additional
 Please tick the boxes once the task has been completed and then both you and a parent/carer should sign at the bottom of the page.
Pupil Signature__________________________________
Parent/Carer signature__________________________________
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