Guess What*s Behind the Box

Guess What’s Behind the Box
Halloween Edition
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To Play:
1. Divide class into two teams. Your
teacher will give you nine questions
and answers to study for 10 minutes
before you play. Read each question
and study the answers.
2. Each team is asked a question. If they
answer correctly, the teacher clicks
the Remove box button one time and
awards that team 1 point.
3. This removes one box from the board.
There are eight boxes total.
4. When there are less than four boxes
remaining the group who responds
correctly to a question can guess the
subject of the picture. If they are
correct, their team gets an additional
2 bonus points (added at the end).
5. The team with the most points wins.
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Remove Box
The End
End Game
Behind the Box
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What people thought the
souls of the dead traveled
the earth on the last day
of October?
A: The Celts
Why did the Celts
tradition spread across
the earth?
A: The Celts were a part
of the Roman Empire.
What is the name of the
Catholic Church’s day of
observance called on
November 1st?
A: All Saints Day
Why did people start
to dress up as
monsters and ghosts?
A: They thought if they
did, it would keep the
ghosts away.
Why is Halloween
sometimes referred to as
“Beggar's Night”?
A: Irish peasants would
beg food from the rich
and play a practical joke
if they didn’t get any.
Where are vampire bats
A: Central and South
America (they feed on the
blood of cows, horses,
and birds).
What vegetables were
the first to be hollowed
out with a lit candle for
Halloween ?
A: Turnips (by the Irish)
Where did we get the
tradition of bobbing for
A: It’s thought that it
comes from the Roman
celebration in honor of
Pamona, goddess of fruit
Where was the first
citywide observance of
Halloween in the U.S.?
A: Anoka, Minnesota