Vocab Comic & Intro to Scary Story

 Hand in homework (narrative
continuation rough draft & revise/edit
 Make sure your NAME is on these and
staple them together
 Then, take out your 5 vocabulary flash
cards from last Monday and wait for
further directions
Everyone will be assigned one vocabulary
word out of the five we learned last week.
 You will create an 8-panel comic that shows
me you know what this word means and how
to use it in context.
 Comics must include context clues. After
looking at your comic, a reader should have
an understanding of what your word means.
 Include both images and words. Use color. Be
creative and have fun!
1. Argument
2. Tone
3. Integrate
4. Draw
5. Connotation
List examples of each that you’d find in a horror
Types of characters
Types of surprises
Also, address the question: How do horror stories
make us feel?
 On Thurs, 10/29 and Fri, 10/30 we will
have a Halloween celebration and
scary storytelling event in class
 Throughout October, we will read
and discuss scary stories and work on
writing our own original scary stories
 Ghosts & monsters: witches, vampires,
werewolves, zombies, etc.
 Science fiction: aliens, robots, time
 Crazy people: murder, sacrifice
 Psychological: someone is not thinking
clearly, doubting his or her own sanity
 Nature, disease, animals, etc.
 Write down all the elements that make
this particular story creepy:
 Where and when does the story take place?
 What makes the character(s) creepy?
 What elements build suspense in the story?
(events, sounds, etc.)
 Is there a plot twist/surprise ending?
Often in horror movies, there is some
creepy/haunted item (a doll, an old key, an old
piece of jewelry, a mask, etc.)
Start looking around your house for an item that
could possibly inspire a scary story
On Friday, 10/2 everyone will bring in one scary
item to use for an activity
 *Please keep this item a secret!!
You can bring in any item as long as it is schoolappropriate. Remember, it is just INSPIRING a
scary story, so the item does not have to obviously
be scary at first glance.