Heredity and Genetics Unit

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1. The listed, CORRECTLY SPELLED vocabulary words will be used throughout this unit.
1 genetics
2 heredity
3 cell
4 nucleus
5 cell cycle
6 mitosis
7 chromosomes
8 sperm and egg
9 zygote
10 meiosis
11 chromatid
12 DNA
13 mutation
14 sex linked gene
15 alleles
16 recessive allele
17 dominant allele
18 Gregor Mendel
19 probability
20 Punnett square
21 homozygous
22 heterozygous
23 genotype
24 phenotype
25 pedigree
26 co-dominance
27 replication
28 messenger RNA
29 transfer RNA
30 ribosome
31 gene
32 sex-linked genes
33 mutation
34 amino acid
35 protein
36 nitrogen bases
37 cloning
38 stem cell
39 genetic engineering
2. Explain what mitosis and meiosis are and where in the body and for what purposes these
cells processes happen.
3. Describe the differences and similarities between a body cell and a sex cell (sperm and egg).
4. Using a Punnett square, determine the probability of an offspring inheriting a trait.
5. Understand the difference between genotype and phenotype. (Sesame Street Genetic;
6. Identify possible genotype of organisms (both real and imaginary) by examining their phenotypes.
7. Explain the relationship among these: chromosome, DNA, chromatid, gene, nucleotide, and
nitrogen bases.
8. Describe the structure of the DNA molecule.
9. Label a diagram of an unraveling chromosome with these labels: DNA, chromosome, gene, and
10. Demonstrate a basic understanding of protein synthesis by constructing a portion of a DNA
molecule (gene) that codes for a specific human protein.
11. Explain why genes come in pairs.
12. Explain that the genetic code is carried by 4 different nitrogen bases within the structure of DNA’s
“ladder” shape.
13. Show how DNA sends the genetic code to RNA to assemble amino acids into proteins.
The above objectives will be covered on quizzes and graded activities:
Quiz 1 will cover Objectives 1 (Vocabulary List A), 2, and 3.
Quiz 2 will cover Objectives 1 (Vocabulary List B), 4,5,6,7,8, and 9.
Quiz 3 will cover Objectives 1 (Vocabulary List C), 10,11,12, and 13.
Projects include Sesame Street Genetics, REEBOPS, and Beasties (more to come).