Molecular Genetics Review Worksheet (15 points—Due Monday

Molecular Genetics Review Worksheet
(15 points—Due Monday)
1. Define the following terms: replication, transcription, translation, codon, anticodon, protein
2. Draw a single unit of DNA and label all parts.
3. Summarize Griffith, Avery, Hershey & Chase, and Watson & Crick’s discovery of DNA
4. What is Chargaff’s Rule?
5. Know the steps of the following processes in order: DNA Replication, Transcription, and
6. Differentiate between purines and pyrimidines.
7. Compare and contrast DNA and RNA.
8. Describe the three types of RNA.
9. What kind of bond holds the base pairs together?
10. Be able to convert from DNA to mRNA to amino acids.
11. Define mutagens and give some examples.
12. Differentiate between point mutation and frameshift mutation.
13. List five different types of chromosome mutations.
***To add 4 points Extra Credit on your test: Write a paragraph (at least 7 sentences) on the
history of the Human Genome Project. Turn this in with the answers for this review sheet.