the worksheet

Earth 111 Module 2 Formative Assessment 2
Answer each question in 2-3 complete sentences. Consider each question carefully and be sure
to provide a complete answer.
Submitting your Answers
Bring your written answers to class. If they are hand-written, be sure your writing is legible. If your
handwriting is not clear, please type and print your answers. Please use the spaces provided on
the next few pages for your answers.
Scoring and Rubric
Each answer will earn a maximum of 5 points, as described in the rubric below.
Work Shown
Possible Points
Answer reflects careful consideration of the question
Answer is appropriate in length
Answer is legible
Answer given in complete sentences, correct spelling and grammar
1. For an air mass at 25° C, and with a water content of 10 g/m 3, find the
relative humidity and report it. Also report the dewpoint.
2. If that air mass is heated to 35° C, what would the relative humidity be?
3. Imagine that it is 22° C outside, and currently foggy and drizzling. How
much H2O vapor is in the air (report your answer in g/m3)?
4. Report your current location, and the relative humidity and temperature
there. Also report the dewpoint.
5. Look at the weather forecast. What is the low temperature forecast for the
next 24 hrs? Do you think it will rain or snow? Why?