Roaring Twenties Newspaper
Due: ____________________________
You will be writing a newspaper article about a particular topic (that you chose randomly from a cup) related
to the 1920s (Roaring Twenties), as if you were living in the 1920s. You will be placed in one of five groups
based on similar articles to create a section of the newspaper (Breaking News/Front Page, Crime Watch,
Editorials, Sports, and Entertainment). From there, the class will put all the sections together to make a class
room Roaring Twenties newspaper, using Microsoft Publisher!
Each section will have a designated “head editor” who will be responsible for putting the complete
project together (with the help of each group member providing their article).
Group/Section score = 15 points
Breaking News/Front Page will have the class’s paper name at the top of their section! The others will
have the title of their section (Crime, Editorials, Sports, or Entertainment) – creatively if desired.
On Thursday, your group will go through and peer review each other’s articles, numerous times. Friday
bring it all together (due by the end of the day)
Just like in real newspapers, some articles will be longer than others (in regards to importance) – it is
up to your group to decide which are of greater importance.
Each article must include the following: a creative title, a date (relevant to the event topic – minimum
of a month and year), authors name (can be fictitious), and one relevant picture.
Each article must also be written creatively (in other words, not just listing facts, but intertwining them
into the article) and as if it was written in the 1920s.
To help write your article, start with information of your topic from the textbook and then expand on it
using some researched information (put into the article into your own words).
Individual article = 20 points
Extra Credit – write a second article based on the remaining topics (10 points) – chosen from
remaining topics or ones beyond our list.
When doing your portion and once groups are picked, use Google Docs/Drive and have each person in your
group included (be sure to include me in who you share it all with too) – that would make the “head editor’s”
job easier, rather than dealing with flash drives.