The Roaring Twenties Syllabus

The Roaring Twenties Syllabus
US History: Spiconardi
Directions: Read the following chapter(s). Answer the questions below by either typing your responses
or writing neatly in pen on separate paper with a proper heading. Answers should demonstrate thought
and analysis. One sentence answers are not acceptable, nor are answers taken word for word from the
Homework Assignment
Reading List for America: History of Our Nation
1. Chapter 22: The Roaring Twenties
736 – 755
Due Date
April 5, 2010
1. After WWI, how did the U.S. and other countries try to prevent future wars from starting?
2. Why was prohibition a failure? What illegality seems to be posing the same problem that alcohol
posed in the 1920s?
3. Mass/popular is defined as the ideas, attitudes, and values that are preferred by a given culture.
What were some aspects of mass culture in the America of the 1920s?
4. Who was Marcus Garvey and what were his views on race? What do you think of his views?
5. Why were farmers left out of the “prosperity” of the 1920s?
6. Many historians have deemed the 1920s an “era of false prosperity.” Do you agree with that
assessment? Why or why not? Defend your answer with evidence.
7. How are the economic problems of the 1920s similar to those the U.S. is experiencing today? Why
do you think the U.S. (both government and people) have not learned from the lessons of the 1920s?
8. Define and describe the significance of the following (Make sure you describe the
significance. Most of you are simply defining. I will be grading this section strictly.):
a. Calvin Coolidge
b. Jazz
c. Ernest Hemingway