Chapter 31, Prompt 1 Term Exercise

Chapter 31, Prompt 1 Term Exercise
PROMPT: The decade following World War One is often described by historians as the “Roaring 20s.” Please
consider the various social, cultural, and technological developments of this period and evaluate the validity of this label.
In what specific ways does this label seem to fit, and in what ways (if any) does it misrepresent the 1920s?
What exactly do historians mean by “The Roaring 1920s?”
Rapid social change (liberalization of social norms for most Americans), rejection of some traditional values
(declining standards of morality), rising economic prosperity for most Americans, a sharp acceleration in
technological change and development that dramatically affected the lives of most Americans.
ASSIGNMENT: Please fill in the blank spots in this chart. You can reproduce this chart on your own
paper, or print it out, it’s up to you.
Major Developments
of the 1920s
The Economic Boom
Rapid Urbanization
Women challenge
traditional gender roles
redefine themselves
The Automobile and
The Radio and Motion
Pictures (Movies)
The Red Scare and
Prohibition, and the
reaction against it
Laissez Faire, pro-big
businesses atmosphere
Describe this development… tell me
about it, why was it a big deal? Connect
this development with some SFI from
Chap 31.
NOW, in one clear sentence, explain
HOW and WHY this development
either fits or defies the label “The
Roaring 1920s.”