major environmental problem

*Describe a major environmental problem and what you believe should
be done about it.
In modern day society, with all the litter and pollution we are producing it is
becoming unacceptable.
It is our earth we are damaging and making
inhabitable. Earth is becoming a wasteland. Our waste issue is getting out of
hand and we need stop it before it is beyond repair. To make our earth a better
and safer place to live, people will need to stop littering, along with eliminating
pollution on land and at sea’s. We will also have to start reducing, reusing and
recycling, to save our animals and sustain our ecosystems.
Earth is becoming a terrible place for animals, marine life and even
humans to live on, because of pollution. Our litter problem is slowly but gradually
becoming unsafe because of pollution. We people are killing tons and tons of
animals from our own clutter and pollution. The rubbish we don’t want and that
we throw on the ground gets carried places we don’t even know or think it would
end up. It’s endangering a wide range of species, polluting our oceans and
waters and we are hurting our ecosystems! It’s just horrifying how we could save
so many lives of animals, and preserve so much more of our earth if we just did
not litter!
Every time we cut down a tree do we think of the consequences? One
less tree is one less home and less food for animals, one less tree is also less air
for everyone to breathe. The human race is getting so needy that we are taking
over animal’s homes and habit. As we cut down those trees to fit our needs do
we think about the animals and their needs are?
We cover their food with
sawdust, garbage and replace their homes with liter and junk. Yes we do need
paper, and yes we can reduce the amount of trees, the homes of animals we
wreck. That will be an excellent thing for the ecosystem, animals and us!
Now we have come down to the simplest way to preserve our earth and
still people refuse to do it, and that is to reduce, reuse and recycle. These three
simple steps show many long-term benefits for earth, and our self’s. People
don’t realize how important this is. We need to reduce, reuse and recycle
because if we don’t we are wasting useful product that could be reused for
generations, and sustain our earth forever. If what we need to save our earth is
to reduce, reuse and recycle then we should all be willing participants.
We could list things all day about how bad our ecosystem is forming from
our litter, and also how it’s becoming a major problem. More people are aware
how bad it is then what we can do to help eliminate and stop it. If we want to
change then we will all have to find a solution before it is too late. If almost
everyone stopped littering, and if people started to realize the importance of
reducing, reusing and recycling, our earth would be a safer, healthier place to
To get everyone more into these things there is lots of things that
everyone everywhere in the world could be doing to help. We could have more
recycling options, more places to drop off recycling, and more locations like
sarcan. We could get more garbage and recycling bins on the streets so people
don’t litter, especially by beaches and busy places.
The main thing that we will
all have to do if we want longer life on earth and a better place to live on we’ll
have to reduce, reuse and recycle, we will have to eliminate pollution and litter, to
save our animals and Earth. If we start to do these things than everything and
everyone will live a long happy life and Earth could be carried on for generations
Taya Wacker