Parent Breakfast PowerPoint

8th grade English
Language Arts
2012 - 2013
Mr. Lorenzoni
Year-long Activities
• Daily Oral Language
o Students begin the hour by correcting two
grammatically incorrect sentences
o Parts of speech will be reviewed
o Corrections are given and discussed
o Quiz after 7 – 10 sentences
Writing At A Glance
 Persuasive Writing
 Narrative Writing
 Plays
 Hero Cycle
 Knowledge and Experience
 Quick Writes/Responses
Memory Book
A student autobiography written over the
course of three months
Focus of this project is the writing process
Pictures and memorabilia are included in a
scrapbook-like binder
One essay will be due in October, one in
November and one in December
Project guidelines available today
M.E.A.P. Testing
The M.E.A.P. tests will be administered
October 9th – 11th and 16th,17th
Eighth grade testing involves the following
English/Language Arts
 Science
 Math
The Outsiders
by S.E. Hinton
*** Prejudice ***
Novel Unit:
Devil’s Arithmetic
by Jane Yolen
*** Standing up for
what is right ***
Novel Unit:
The Breadwinner
by Deborah Ellis
>Overcoming Adversity
Novel Unit
All staff lesson plans
Links to language arts
related websites
Important dates
1. Devices in class must be off, unless
instructed otherwise.
2. Devices must be used for
educational purposes only.
3. Devices cannot leave the room for:
a.Restroom Visit
b. Nurse
c. Locker
d. Locker Room
4. If any student needs to leave the
room, device must be turned in to
5. Students will get their device back
upon return to class.
6. Students are responsible for the
care of their devices.
Thank you for attending
today’s breakfast!
Have a great day!