Calhoun – 5E Lesson Plan Date: Oct 22

Calhoun – 5E Lesson Plan
Oct 22-26
Timeline: 5 days
Subject area/course/grade level: Chemistry: Chemical Reactions 8th Grade Science
TEKS/SEs: 8.5 D, E, F
Lesson objectives:
Recognize the evidence that a chemical reaction has taken place.
Identify the number of atoms in a chemical formula.
Determine the number of elements in a chemical formula.
Recognize whether a chemical equation is balanced or not.
Relate law of conservation of mass to a balanced chemical equation.
Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs:
Energy and rates of a chemical reaction quick lab: The Temperature Tells
Demonstration of potato cubes (Potato battery?/small lime=3 lit LED)
Students will perform the Endo-Exo lab (Peroxidase Lab). This activity will help students recognize what
signs have taken place that pertain to a specific chemical reaction. In this lab, students will identify the
evidence of a chemical reaction taken place and the products of these reactions.
Students will perform the Law of conservation of mass lab: water + alcohol; which the volume of the
mixture increases but its mass stays the same. A series of examples and non-examples of law of
conservation of mass taken place in a chemical equation will be provided for student to recognize and
identify the difference of each. Examples will include chemical equations that have the equal amount of
atoms of an element on the reactant and product side making the equation balance; thus proving the
law of conservation of mass. Other examples will be given for students to recognize the same elements
present on the reactant side of a chemical equation should also be present on the product side to prove
the law of conservation of mass.
Bellwork will be given on a package that students will practice balancing equations.
Students will complete a concept sort of chemical formulas to match with their corresponding atomic
diagram, compound name, total number of elements, and total number of atoms.
Students will write a minimum of one page reflection piece of their understanding and recognition of a
balance/non-balance equation, chemical reactions, and law of conservation of mass.
Common Summative Assessment