Pre-AP Chemistry: Unit 1: Test Review

Pre-AP Chemistry: Unit 1:
Test Review
Thanks to Mrs. Wiecker
• ** Study your notes packet,
handouts, textbook & labs
1. Be able to define, explain & give
examples of the following terms:
a. matter
b. mass vs weight
c. energy (kinetic &
d. parts of Sci. Method
e. inference
f. hypothesis
g. theory
h. model
i. errors (random &
j. element
k. compound
l. mixture (homogeneous vs
m. physical vs chemical
n. physical vs chemical
More Terms:
o. Intensive vs
extensive properties
p. separation
q. decomposition
r. Laws of conservation
(mass, energy, mass
& energy)
s. endothermic vs
exothermic reactions
t. accuracy vs precision
u. Qualitative &
v. Etc.
General Skills:
2. Be able to write a small or large
number in scientific (exponential)
3. Identify the 7 base SI units. (quantity,
unit, symbol)
4. Define and give examples of derived
5. Know the metric prefixes and their
values. (Memorize giga – nano)
6. Be able to convert metric units.
7. Know the rules for identifying the number of
significant figures in a measurement. Be
able to round calculations to correct number
of significant figures.
8. Calculate the % error for an experiment.
9. Complete density problems. (Find
density, mass, or volume)
10. Identify physical or chemical
properties & changes.
11. Identify common properties of metals,
nonmetals, metalloids.
12. Identify properties of the states of
matter (solid, liquid, gas)
13. Distinguish between Elements,
Compounds and Mixtures.
14. Explain how the law of conservation
of mass is true in chemical reactions.