General Education Application for Course Certification Course

General Education Application for Course Certification
Course Certification Specific for Behavioral & Social Sciences
This document should only be used as a working document to prepare the course certification information for
submission. Upload the information online at:
Course Department, Course #, Name, CRN:
A separate document is required for each section/CRN unless the course is coordinated and has a common syllabus and
assessments across all sections. If available, sample assignments (3-5, planned or completed [student work]) should also be
submitted. Syllabi will be pulled from institutional files and DO NOT need to be submitted. Courses can qualify in more than
one category/subcategory.
Behavioral & Social Sciences
Describe how this course meets
each outcome.
What assignments, activities, etc.,
will be used to assess student
learning of these outcomes?
Students will:
Use and communicate evidence
and theory to examine individual,
social and or cultural phenomena.
Explain the strengths and limitations
of behavioral or social science
methods to predict human behavior.
Describe and explain social or
behavioral phenomena by applying
a discipline’s concepts and/or
Engage in reasoning using
qualitative or quantitative social
science or behavioral science tools
and information.
Analyze empirical observations in
relation to discipline-appropriate
theoretical constructs.
If the course has been offered before, include 3-5 student samples of the completed assessments, if available.
By typing my name in the field below, I indicate agreement that this course meets institutional standards for
general education and this proposal has my support for the course for use in the general education curricula.
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