ABS 200 Week 1 DQ 1 What is Applied Behavioral Science

ASHFORD ABS 200 Week 1 DQ 1 What is Applied
Behavioral Science
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What is Applied Behavioral Science? Review the video, Science
Can Answer Moral Questions, readings in Chapter 1, and the
power point slides. In a 250-300 word post:
• Describe your understanding of the field of Applied Behavioral
Science including an overview of the generalist perspective of
• Discuss the types of career directions that an individual may
follow and which are of most interest to you personally and why,
including any applicable personal example.
• How does this fit with your understanding of the term “science”?
How are “science” and “behavioral science” the same and how
might they seem different?
• Please use scholarly references to support your answer and
respond to a minimum of two of your classmates.