A behavior question is about how you have handled things in real life. It requires you to
answer from your own experiences, with examples of what actually happened and what
you did. Behavioral questions assess your experience, knowledge and performance. To
do well in these interviews, you need to have thought carefully about yourself.
We have all had to work with someone who is very difficult to get along with. Give me
some examples of when this happened to you. Why was that person difficult? How did
you handle this person?
What are some of the best ideas you have ever sold to a superior? What was your
Decision Making
1. Have you ever recognize a problem before your boss or others in the
organization? Explain.
2. Describe any significant projects ideas, etc. you have initiated or thought of in the
past year.
3. How id you know they were needed and would work? Where they used? Do they
4. What were the most difficult decisions you made in the last six months?
5. How did you formulate these decisions?
1. What are the steps you use in performing __________ (job related tasks,
assignments, etc.)
1. Give me an example of when you have worked the hardest and felt the greatest
sense of achievement.
2. All jobs have their frustrations and problems. Describe some examples of specific
job conditions, tasks, or assignments that have been dissatisfying to you.
3. What are your standards of success in your job/school?
4. What have you done to meet these standards?
5. In your position, hoe do you define doing a good job?
6. Tell me about some projects you generated on your own. What prompted you to
begin them?
7. Under what conditions do you work best?
8. What kinds of pressures did you feel in your job at ___________? How did you
deal with them?
9. We all have examples of when we were working on something that just “slipped
through the cracks.” Can you give me some examples of when this happened to
you? Case? Results?
10. In order to survive the world, people have to blend a little bit. What is the farthest
you have to bend your standards in order to succeed?
11. How do you manage stress?
12. What were your objectives last year? Were they achieved? How?
13. How do you feel about working for a company of this size? What do you see as
benefits? Drawbacks?
14. How long would you plan to stay with this company?
15. What are your salary expectations?
16. why should we hire you?
17. Why did you choose your particular career?
18. Where would you like to be in 5 years? Ten?
19. What are your long range goals?
20. Who is the greatest influence in your self-development?
21. Describe the ideal organization that you would like to work for?
22. What do you know about your organization, including its history?
23. What do you know about our products and services?
Management Skills
1. Are you able to schedule your time? How far ahead can you schedule?
2. Can you walk me through last week and tell me how you planned the week’s
activities and how the schedule worked out?
3. How do you schedule your time? Set priorities?
Behavioral Questions
1. Tell me about a situation where you had to make a decisions without all the
information you required.
2. Tell me about a situation where you had to work with a difficult co-worker.
3. Tell me about the most stressful situation that you have been involved with.
4. Did you ever take charge of a project from start to finish? What happened?
5. How do you deal with pressure? Give me an example.
6. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?
7. Have you ever failed at something important? How did you handle that?
8. Tell me about the time where you didn’t get along with your supervisor.
9. Tell me about a time when you were highly motivated.
You are faced with a situation where you have been approached by a partner and asked to
assist her with a special project that is due that next morning, and this project can not be
delayed. Your problem is you don’t have enough time to complete both projects. What
would you do?