Curriculum Vitae Carlo G Verda PROFILE Determinedly self

Curriculum Vitae
Carlo G Verda
Determinedly self employed since finishing my
Jewellery/silversmith Design and manufacturing BA (hons) in
1986. By 2002 I was married to Joy Johnson and with our
children moved to Bridlington Yorkshire in 2002. Much to our
surprise we became increasingly involved with regeneration and
cultural development issues, leading first to our opening of the
Alex May Gallery and then with the creation and setup of Big
Skies as a not for profit arts development agency.
My focus is now very firmly back to my persona as a crafts man
and the development of my own craft an skills. That said I’m a
firm believer in the power of creativity to change people and
Personal Statement
Whilst I enjoyed art and technical drawing at school I’ve found
that jewellery occupies a creative space between them I felt much
more comfortable with.
I’ve never been one to produce seasonal ranges much preferring
my designs to evolve within their own time frame, this has had the
added benefit of allowing customers to build up collections or,
even after a few years, to be able to commission a new pieces
knowing that the same design language is being used.
During one of the summer break at university in London I worked
as an archaeologist at a dig in the east end of London, we went
from car park down to flint tools in just a few week, this rapid
plunge though time and the shapes and textures I encountered
formed the front and back cover on my book of ideas, motifs and
Now, having lived by the sea and walked its shore line for the last
10 years, the next chapter of my book will see some new story
lines appearing. Fossils, glacial deposits, remnants of WW2 shore
defences as well as the more contemporary defences against the
new enemy “erosion” all present new ideas, some of which have
already emerged into the evolution stream of my work.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.
BA (Hons) Jewellery/Silversmith Design and Manufacturing
Central School of Art and Design 1986.
2006 MBED, Town Team development courses,
Great Teams
Great Design
Great Messages
Self employed jewellery designer, manufacturer and
consultant since 1986 – Currently with a studio in the Alex
May Gallery.
Experience in
Big Skies
Workshop set up before leaving collage
1st year market stalls and selling to small shops
2nd year first major order from Liberty
3rd year first of many trade shows over the next decade
International Spring Fair-NEC, Gold Smith Hall- London,
Formland- Denmark
Work featured in the books
“the art and craft of jewellery” by Janet Fitch
“Designing and making jewellery” by Sara Macrae
Commissions, private customers-corporate
Teaching HND Jewellery at Epsom Collage
Adult education (evening classes)
Jewellery production consultant, production line streamlining,
workshop setup for specialist one of manufacture,
Wholesale and retail sales experience since 1987 and now
the Alex May Gallery in the old town Bridlington
Supplied specialist retailers, galleries and multiples.
My studio has been used for student placements and
apprentices have been trained there.
2004 Beginning of Arts Business Centre project
 2004 Outline business plan for the ABC
 2005 Out line development of the first East Riding open
studios Planned. Anna Kirk-Smith joined and Big Skies
formed as an unincorporated group with input from the Arts
Council and CIDA.
 2006 October First Open studios, involvement with
developments at Swerby Hall.
 2007-8 Incorporation of big skies as a not for profit company
and the delivery of second East riding Open studios.
Planning began for the development of a costal culture
forum. Planning 08 open studios and possible Hull open
studios. Developing the ABC to feasibility study stage.
 2008 March new Big Skies Office - Bridlington Business
centre. Delivered Arts Business Centre feasibility study in
partnership with Creative Industries Development Agency
 2009 organisational development support from Arts council
Yorkshire. Development of coastal trail, East Yorkshire
biennial cultural event. Creative & Arts business
 7years of Open Studios (Reveal)