Miss Golden Pageant Rules


Miss Golden Pageant Rules (Special Needs Pageant) Hannah Remole, Pageant Coordinator 812-437-5555 Committee: Beth Schmitt

The deadline for entering the Vanderburgh County Pageant is June 26, 2015. To enter, contact Hannah Remole. There will be an information sheet sent out after you have registered. Due date for information sheet is July 3, 2015. An entry fee of $10.00 will need to be sent in with the information sheet.







All contestants must be at least 10 years old and cannot have reached their 35 th birthday on or before June 1, 2015. Information sheet will be sent out June 29 th . A contestant must be an Indiana resident, a U.S. citizen, and represent her home county. One of her legal guardians must also be an Indiana resident. The only exception: she may reside in an adjoining county in which she enters the contest. Contestants cannot have a child or be knowingly pregnant at the time of the county fair Miss Golden pageant. If the 2015 Miss Golden becomes or is pregnant anytime during her reign, she will be required to relinquish her title. Each contestant must be an active member of at least one worthwhile organization in her community, such as Girl Scouts, 4-H, ect. Each participant will be judged upon her ability to take the opportunities offered through the Vanderburgh County Miss Golden Pageant and to use them as building blocks for self awareness. Each judge will be informed of each participant’s disabilities and will score the contestant based on the information provided and her performance. 7.

The categories that each girl will have the opportunity to participate in is: a.

Interview: Each girl will be asked 2 or 3 questions out of the 5 she picked from the list of 20 on the 4-H Vanderburgh county website. Appropriate outfit for interview that will take place day of the pageant includes, a sundress, fun outfit showing personality, or an outfit showing one of her interests. 8.


On stage modeling: This the girls may wear a formal dress or a dressy outfit. The dress may not be low cut or come more than 2 inches above the knee. The Vanderburgh County Miss Golden pageant will be held on Saturday, July 25 2015. Preliminary judging will occur in the daytime leading up to the pageant. The public pageant will be held early evening at the fair. Points and score sheets are for judges’ assessment only. Final selections are the judges’ 9.

decision. 10.

All parts of the contest will occur on July 25 2015. All information will be provided through email or mail.